As an independent, non-high school associated VEX team and non-profit organization, the Freezing Code Robotics Club relies on public donations and fundraising activities for nearly all of its materials and traveling expenses. Primary usage of all funding is for purchase of VEX parts and traveling to the VEX World Championship in Louisville, KY.

If you’d like to help out the team, all donations and funding are greatly appreciated!

Direct Donations

Our team does accept direct donations, to submit one just write a check payable to “Freezing Code Robotics Club” and send it to Daniel Tryon at SUNY Oswego Department of Technology 103 Park Hall Oswego, NY 13126


Our team also has a Freezing Code GoFundMe page, which is a website that allows for public crowdfunding. Any donation amount can be submitted online anonymously and you can also leave the team a note with your donation! If you would like to donate, click here.

Can Drive

If you live in the Oswego County area, you can help us fundraise by returning your cans and bottles to the Great Lakes Recycling Center (181 Gardenier Rd, Oswego, NY 13126) and asking that the money from the returns be put into the Freezing Code Robotics Club account.

Custom Water Bottles

Our team is selling red custom engraved metal water bottles. A water bottle with only the Freezing Code logo on it is $6.00, a water bottle with the logo and custom text on the back (1 name line and 3 additional lines, 22 characters each line) is $10.00.

Note: If looking for sponsoring information or partnership opportunities, please check our “Sponsors” page and/or use the contact information provided on our Home page.


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