Recent Activity

Check out, and vote for, the part we designed for the Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge (click here)

VEX Robotics Photography Challenge action shot showing the IQ team’s progress (click here)

Who Are We?


Freezing Code is a fourth year VEX robotics team out of Oswego, NY. The Freezing Code Robotics Club consists of two high school VRC teams (9282A and 9282B), as well as some VEX IQ teams. Our VRC team consists of 8 dedicated members, some homeschooled and some from our local high school, who aim to better their technological and engineering skills. Our VEX IQ teams consist of middle school age home schooled kids, which have been assembled in order to provide fun, hands-on technological and engineering experiences.

What We Do


We compete in the High School VEX Robotics Competition in order to hone our skills in numerous areas such as teamwork, leadership, technology, engineering, programming, and so many more. We also try to promote robotics in our local community. We have traveled with our local bookmobile and gone to a few schools, giving presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences to kids in order to promote STEM education. We also run a robotics tent at Harborfest, the largest outdoor festival in central NY, where we create a miniature robotics tournament and have hundreds of kids try their hand at controlling VEX robots and participate in a few other robotic activities. This helps get kids excited about robotics as well as STEM fields in general.


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