VEX Team 9282


The new game has been announced called VEX Skyrise!

Below is the video of the Freezing Code Story:

Competitions / Awards Received:

2014-2015 Build Season

  • 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship High School Division Presented by The Northrop Grumman Foundation; Louisville, KT (4/15/15) – Hopefully!
  • Northern New York State Championship; Syracuse, NY (2/7/15) – [not available]
  • B’Ville Skyrise Challenge; Baldwinsville, NY (1/17/15) – We performed our programming skills, for the wold ranking of 13th
  • Livonia NY BULLDOG SKYRISE; Livonia, NY (1/10/15) – Tournament Champion, Design Award
  • Saratoga Skyrise Challenge; Saratoga Springs, NY (12/13/14) – Tournament Champion, Design Award
  • Syracuse City Vex Skyrise Tournament; Syracuse, NY (12/6/14) – Design Award
  • The Oswego Nor’easter; Oswego, NY (11/22/14) – Tournament Champion, Design Award
  • Liverpool Vex Robotics Competition; Liverpool, NY (11/8/14) – Design Award

2013-2014 Build Season

  • World Championship; Anaheim, CA (4/23-25/14)
  • State Championship; Onondaga, NY (1/25/14) – Tournament Champion, Excellence Award
  • MoST; Syracuse, NY (1/11/14) – Tournament Champion, Excellence Award, Skills Challenge Winner
  • The B’Ville Toss Up; Baldwinsville, NY (12/7/13) – Tournament Champion
  • The Oswego Nor’Easter; Oswego, NY (11/16/13) – Design Award

Thank you to our sponsors!

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